We Can Handle Depression Together

Does it seem as though you have tried multiple times to get over your sadness, loss of energy, or depression?  If you are like many people struggling with depression you have found that:

  • Clinics can be cold, uncaring, and factory-like.
  • Medications can be shoved at you as the one solution, without taking the time to get to know you, your needs, or how your everyday situation is impacting your condition.
  • Therapists who smile and nod — and don’t problem-solve along with you — are just not useful enough.
  • You feel like you are running out of options.  Friends are tired of listening to you.  Too many problems at once are overwhelming.
  • You are anxious as often as depressed — and don’t see how these go together.
  • You secretly fear you are going crazy — your thinking is not the same as it used to be — and you wonder if its more than “just depression”.

I can help you solve these problems.  I have been working with depression for years.  I’ve worked with it from multiple approaches and all the while I’ve listened to my client’s needs and fears and adapted my approaches to fit the individuals sitting in front of me.

Depression is normal.  Yes — it hurts and is a problem.  But its been called the common cold of mental illness.  I want you to know that very capable wonderful people get depressed periodically — and move beyond depression to happy productive lives once again.  I also want you to know that its common for thought patterns to get “crazy”, for anxiety and panic attacks to be part of depression, and for first attempts at treatment not to work.  All these factors seem like more than “just depression” but they can easily be a part of it.

You no doubt have objections to seeking help — everyone does.  I’m listing a few of the common objections below and I’d like to talk with you about these or any additional objections you may have not listed here:

1. “Only crazy people see therapists”:  Most of my clients hold or have had full-time jobs, friends, education, and hobbies.   Many are currently in college.  They are capable people not any different from everyone else you see on the street.  I also see some individuals with profound illnesses and problems — but depression is very much a normal person’s problem.

2. “It’s too expensive”:  Respectfully — it’s too expensive NOT to deal with depression.  How many days of work, relationships lost, and ruined opportunities can you afford?  If you had cancer you would be at the doctor and scrambling for the resources to cure the problem.  Depression, while very normal, is also potentially devastating.  I command a fair premium price.  I also negotiate with clients who can’t afford my fees.  I take several insurance plans.  If we can’t work a price in your budget I have ideas where I can refer you for less expensive help and I’m still happy to have talked about it.

3. “I’ve been to too many doctors and therapists”:  It’s true that there are some bad apples out there.  It’s also true that the personal relationship with helping professionals is key.  In fact — the relationship with your counselor is THE PRIMARY KEY to success.  So you may see a few therapists before you find one you like.  I’ve helped lots of people — even so I suspect a few of them have moved onto other therapists who fit their personalities better.   Let’s figure out how we match.

Many professionals know that I am a strong therapist to refer clients to.  Psychiatrists refer their patients to me.  Clients refer their friends.  I’ve spent some years presenting at clergy conferences and receive clients from clergy too.  I even have Tarot readers sending me folks.  I think this is because of the holistic mind, body, and spirit approach I take.  I know science matters and relationship matters and spirit matters.  There are many ways to tackle depression and I’m not stuck in one mindset.

Many years ago I worked at an otherwise excellent clinic with cinder block walls.  Counselors were discouraged from sharing too much of themselves.  While the focus of treatment should definitely be you, I know surroundings and personality are important.  I strive to be friendly; decorate with leather couches, crystals, statues, books, and interesting gizmos; and generally try to act like a human being.

While you are very welcome to call me immediately, you likely are not ready yet.  Instead I would like you to take a look at the many free resources I offer on the Web about how counseling can benefit you.  Take your time deciding.

Depression is different for each person who experiences it.  I am experienced in spotting the many different ways depression manifests and can bother you.  Let me help you release yourself from the burden of this affliction.

My main website can be found here.

Michael Reeder LCPC

Hygeia Counseling Services